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Company Overview:

Jackson Hewitt not only has 6,800 store locations nationwide, but you also can go mobile with their smart phone app. The online tax service is easy to navigate through and has lots of guidance and easily accessible information along the way, such as calculators, tips, deduction options, and a vast list of supported forms. By far the greatest features are the free and unlimited live chat, and the occupation based deductions through tax manager.

Jackson Hewitt Product Review:

A great advantage to using the online Jackson Hewitt tax service is that users can easily import prior year's data from other tax services (H&R, TurboTax, etc.). All packages, even the free Basic package, comes with 24/7 online chat. The free version is great for those claiming no dependents and NO deductions. Though this version is limited, you can still eFile federal tax for free. The Deluxe version, is best for claiming most personal deductions, while the Premium version while be suitable for most self-employed and 1099 contractors.

Price Comments
Basic FREE
Deluxe $26.95 Best Value
Premium $44.95

Ease of Use:

Easy to navigate through site, no downloaded software needed, job specific deduction, and fantastic tax tip resources, make Jackson Hewitt one of the most user friendly services in the industry. The Tax calculator feature is a valuable component for those who wish to estimate their federal tax return before they start filing. This gives you a fantastic way to preview the tax process and estimate deductions before committing to filing.

Supported Operating Systems
Online Yes
Windows (download) No
Mac (download) No
Mobile Yes


Jackson Hewitt Online tax service provides users with all the tax tips and facts they can possibly ask for and in a very convenient format. The motto for Jackson Hewitt is deductions deductions deductions. All over the site, you will have constant guidance for job specific deductions, most commonly overlooked deductions, and income credits. Any package, from Basic to Premium is free to try so that you can test out the services and if the questionnaire format fits right, is simple, and clear, then you can chose to purchase the advanced version. Jackson Hewitt also offers unique features that most tax services don't provide, such as joint filing, refund loan, and disbursement through savings bonds. The only thing to take into account, is that the site does not offer the lowest refund guarantee, some states are not covered for eFiling, and they do have an unstable past with reviews stating that the processing time takes too long. Since then they have improved on many of these features and revamped the site to reassure users that they will receive unlimited customer support, best deductions, and quick and easy eFiling.

Customer Support:

The reason their customer service is so easily accessible is because they have 6,800 stores nationwide which provide online, phone, and email support on the website, through the expert staff that work at these locations. All their customers are also able to stop by any location for services such as audit support, amended returns, and help choosing the right product.

Safety and Security:

It is important to consider the benefits that Jackson Hewitt is one of the few online tax services that has retail locations nationwide. This should provide users a sense of stability in knowing that at any time they can enter a store and get full service for all their tax needs. The online service has a number of security certifications for the site, so that users can feel safe storing their tax data and documents online.

Overall Value:

The website has enough online educational tools and guides for the best tax tips around, and it's also easy to navigate through because this information is provided in question format. While you file your federal tax returns, the tips and tools are clear and precise. The tax estimator and calculator are an extremely useful and special feature that make filing taxes quick and easy because users are able to estimate their deductions before filing. With 6,800 retail stores nationwide and occupational customized deductions, the support and services are some of the most unique advantages provided by an online tax service in the industry today.